Growing up, I wanted to become an astronaut because I was so influenced by my father’s love of science.  Once I reached middle school, however, I began reading and eventually writing stories.  Soon I tried to figure out how people managed to write book-length stories (my stories always ended around twenty or so pages).  By high school I had figured it out and printed out my first novel on our dot matrix printer in the basement; we made photocopies at Kinkos.

Since the inception of my writing talent, nurtured by influential teachers and lots of reading, I have been passionate about sharing my ideas and words with other people.  In my mind, this meant I was just going to sit down and write all the time, maybe work a job on the side just to keep eating.  What I didn’t realize is that my writing talent is fueled by people, and from the very beginning I was meant to share it with others, not keep it to myself.  That is why I began teaching literature and writing, first to high school students and then at the college level.  Teaching is a demand entirely its own, and it has taken years of practice for me to find a comfortable balance between being in the classroom and being at home in my recliner with my notebook and pen.

Today I have gained a broad range of experience in the field of letters, from publishing books to ghostwriting and editing professional manuscripts.  My interests are extensive, primarily because I love to explore people, culture, and society through my writing.  It is my goal to continue writing books that inspire people and teaching those who are eager to learn about the art and craft of writing.

In today’s world where so many people aspire to be authors, it can be easy to grow envious of other people’s success or, at the very least, their following.  It is my belief, however, that each writer has a unique voice and story to tell, both of which need to be practiced and perfected over time.  Naturally, we’d all love to become famous, especially to be paid for our writing, but money and fame do not make someone a writer.  The most important achievement a writer can make is to influence the minds and hearts of readers.  If someone sees the world differently because of my words, or dreams a new dream because of my ideas, then I have used my talent to its fullest.