Burial in Endwater

Lydia Speare never expected her brother George to go to college, let alone Harvard.  It was all made possible because of Jack Engels, the prosecuting attorney in their father’s murder trial.  When Jack invites George to join his son Lev on a groomed path towards law school, George suspects he’s stumbled across an offer he cannot refuse.  Lydia is much more cautious of Jack’s gift and the Engels family entirely.  She has agreed to work as a companion to Mary Engels, Lev’s mother who is dying of cancer.  The more time she spends in their Cambridge mansion, the more she realizes that their picture perfect family has some cracks beneath the surface.  Eventually it is through Lev that Lydia learns his father’s darkest secret, a secret that threatens to tear apart Lev’s family.  Lydia must soon decide: should she reveal what she knows about Jack and risk placing George in danger?  Or should she bury the truth even though it will bring blood and force her to live a lie?

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The Mental Road to the Major Leagues: A Guide for Rising Ballplayers

“This book provides a realistic picture of the mental challenges players will face in the game and lifestyle of baseball.  It is a useful, inspiring read for baseball players at any stage of their careers.”

—Jack Curtis, Ph.D., mental skills coach, Philadelphia Phillies

“Kelly Pfaff [Landry] has interviewed Major League managers, Olympic baseball coaches, and professional and collegiate baseball players in her quest to study the route from amateur to Major League Baseball player.  She’s studied all the steps along the way and provided it for you in a wonderful package.”  —Jim Murphy, author of Inner Excellence

Integrating sport psychology with the personal testimonies of baseball players, this helpful guide offers a step-by-step overview of what it takes for a boy playing little league baseball to work his way to college ball, the minor leagues, and beyond.  Throughout, emphasis remains on the mental challenges players face, both on and off the field.  From college scholarships to meager minor league salaries, from getting traded to getting injured, this handbook will help athletes and parents navigate choices while illuminating the mental aspects that give the game its unpredictability and vitality.

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